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Historical Background

The University of Cagayan Valley (UCV), formerly known as the Cagayan Colleges Tuguegarao (CCT) and Cagayan Teachers College (CTC), was founded in April 1948, from the rubbles and devastating aftermath of World War II.  The country was still in economic chaos; most schools have been destroyed or burned and were being built and rehabilitated.  There was a dearth of teachers all over the country and people were just getting over their travails and horrifying experiences during the war.

Tuguegarao was not spared by the war.  The Japanese forces were everywhere.  In fact, the Japanese Army had a large contingent quartered in the Old Selecta, a Ladies Dormitory owned and operated by the late Mrs. Caridad S. Ventura-Perez, located at the site now occupied by Dr. Matias Ponce Perez, Sr. Building. As a result of the bombings of American forces to destroy enemy installations, the Old Selecta as well as the whole “Centro” of Tuguegarao was reduced to ashes and only few buildings were left standing.

It was during the long war years while on evacuation that Atty. Matias Ponce Perez Sr. concretized his life-long dream and promise to the Cagayan electorate in the early 30’s of founding a school which can offer affordable higher education.  At that time, there were no institutions of higher learning in Tuguegarao nor in nearby areas, that one had to go to Manila to obtain a college education.

Atty. Perez had a great foresight.  He had foreseen that after the war, there would be a great need for more schools, for better trained and more qualified teachers.  During that period, even teachers in the public school needed to grow professionally as many of them were just high school or secondary normal college graduates.  Thus, in April 1948, with the help of his friends, relative and some public school officials, and with the inspiration and guidance of his wife, Mrs. Caridad S. Ventura-Perez, the Cagayan Teachers College, now University of Cagayan Valley was born.

The University of Cagayan Valley started modestly.  Its course offering during its first year of academic operation was limited to Elementary Teacher’s Certificate. Soon after, other courses were offered.

Because it was felt that the old name of the Institution “Cagayan Teachers College” was already a misnomer, considering the fact that the Institution had begun to offer courses other than teaching, the Board of Trustees in 1983 amended Article II of the original Articles of Incorporation to change the Institution’s name to Cagayan Colleges Tuguegarao.

At present, hand in hand with the Institution’s academic expansion, its physical facilities and structures are also being improved and expanded.  To accommodate the growing number of enrollees, the Institution maintains two campuses; the College Avenue Campus (UCV Annex) where the Dr. Matias P. Perez Building is located, and the Balzain Campus which is now the Main Campus with an area of some eight hectares where the other buildings of the institution are located.

The Dr. Matias P. Perez Building, complete with science laboratories and a simulated hospital, quarters the College of Health while the various buildings at the Main Campus (Balzain) house the College of Law, College of Marine Engineering, College of Marine Transportation, College of Computer          Engineering and Information Technology, College of Technology, College of Engineering,   College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, School of Arts and Sciences and Teacher Education, School of Criminology and the School of Business  Administration. It is also in the Balzain Campus where the Computer        Laboratories, Swimming Pool, Hotel, Mock Ship, Crime Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Dark Room for Photography, Interrogation Room  and the Gymnasium are housed.

In 2002, the Institution was deputized by the Commission on Higher    Education (CHED) to offer the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) under the BS Criminology Program.

Further, the Institution was designated by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as the Assessment Center for Computer Hardware Servicing National Certificate (NC) II and the venue for Skills Assessment in Housekeeping NCII and Automotive Servicing NCII.

In response to the demand of its stakeholders and the medical field, the Institution opened the College of Health with two programs; namely, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Diploma in Midwifery in 2004.

The College of Maritime Education, which offers Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, is Management System Certified in accordance with "DNV Standard for Certification of Maritime Academies - 3.401".

In addition, the Institution’s Liberal Arts, Teacher Education, Business Administration and Criminology Programs are Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) accredited. Its Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Information Technology Programs have likewise passed the PACUCOA consultancy visit and were granted candidate status.

The Institution has the following curricular offerings:  two (2) Doctorate Degrees, four (4) Master’s Degrees, eighteen (18) Baccalaureate Degrees, one (1) Post Baccalaureate Degree, five (5) Pre-Baccalaureate Degrees, three (3) Post Secondary Technical Courses, Complete Secondary Level and Complete Elementary Level.  The University of Cagayan Valley also offers three (3) Ladderized Education Programs, three (3) Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Programs, and three (3) Terminal Programs. All in all, UCV has twenty-five (25) Recognized Programs and seven (7) Registered Certificate Programs.

The good results of the series of accreditations conducted by PACUCOA and DNV along Research, Extension and Instruction prompted and inspired the Board of Directors and the School Officials to submit the   Institution for university status evaluation.

Hence, in 2008, requirements for this purpose were submitted to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Central Office through the Regional Office. The first team from CHED Central Office who came to pre-assess the institution was impressed. On July 8-10, CHED Commissioners came to validate the report of the  earlier team.  They, too, felt that CCT deserved the university status.

The honorable commissioners recommended the granting of the university status to the Commission  en banc who awarded the status to CCT through Resolution No. 186-2010 dated July 14, 2010 which changed the name Cagayan Colleges Tuguegarao to University of Cagayan Valley.

On July 19, 2010, the First University Assembly attended by students, faculty, administration, personnel, alumni, CHED officials, religious groups and friends of UCV was held to inform the stakeholders of the university status of the Institution.

On September 15, 2010, Dr. Victor V. Perez, in an investiture program, was installed as the First University President.

"The First Private Non-Sectarian University in Cagayan Valley Region"