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Student Affairs

Programs and Services

  1. Student Welfare Programs and Services
    • Information and Orientation Services
    • This service helps students know the nature and the requirements of their respective courses and helps them adjust to college life and get acquainted with the school environment to include school officials.

    • Scholarship and Financial Assistance
    • This service provides access to scholarship and financial grants by deserving students.

    • Student Discipline
    • This implements judiciously the institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior.

  2. Student Development Programs and Services
    • Student Organization and Student Activities Services
    • This service is to recognize/accredit students group whose objective is to support the Institution in ensuring total development of students.

    • Leadership Training Program
    • This service provides opportunities to develop potentials and leadership skills of students.

    • Student Publication
    • This service is to support and monitor the Constitution and By Laws of the Norluzonian, official campus publication.

    • Student Council Government
    • This service is to provide opportunities for the students to exercise their rights to govern themselves.

    • Off Campus Invitational Activities
    • This service is to provide opportunities for the students to link and network with other students from other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

      Student Organizations

      • Business Management Association of the Philippines (BMAP) UCV Chapter
      • Students Action Vital to the Environment and Mother Earth-"SAVE ME"
      • Society of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students (SHRMS)
      • Junior Philippine Society
      • Bread Society (Bible Readers)
      • UCV Special Group of Students
      • Association of Future Administrators Society
      • Junior Social Work Society
      • Blue Collar Organization (Technology)
      • Philippine Society of Youth Science Club
      • The Junior Finance Executive
      • General Full Force Club
      • English Club
      • Political Thinkers Society
      • Association of Students Assistants
      • Philippine Society of Youth Science Club Inc. (PSYSC-UCV CHAPTER)
      • UCV Supreme Student Body

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